Kerry is available to give private lessons in clarinet, music theory, composition and ear training in the Los Angeles area.  Lessons are $20 per half hour or $30 per hour.  Kerry is available to transcribe, orchestrate, copy or consult in any capacity.  She uses both Finale and Sibelius, although she prefers Finale, for now.   Past projects include classical, jazz, church music, and etudes. Transcriptions are $35 or determined on a per project basis.  

She has also taught college level music teaching courses in music theory, general music and pop music.  Feel free to read her philosophies regarding teaching, including grading and sample lesson plans from past teaching experiences.  

Teaching Philosophy
Grading Philosophy
Sample Syllabus
Sample lesson plan and rationale


Click below to see some samples of her transcribing and copying work.  All of these are in Finale

An etude
A jazz chart by David Parry
An Arrangement of a Christmas Carol

Samples of my own work
Another Sample of my own work