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SSL C-200 console, Digi 003, MBox 2, Sound Designer 702 Field Recorder, Alesis QS8.2 keyboard, Microphones including Sennheiser 416 shotgun, Audio Technica 4051, Neumann U-87, Shure SM57, SM58, Sennheiser 421, AKG 414

Unreal Development Kit (Audio Implementation), Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Reason, Peak Pro, Sound Forge, Adobe Audition, Digital Performer, Finale, Microsoft Office, Adobe Flash, HTML


Freelance Lecturer/Tutor                                        June 2014-Present

  • Provided Teaching for groups including PIECES, Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles (through Women In Gaming International), and DESI

Sound Director, Seismic Games                                        October 2011-September 2012

  • Created sounds for projects at the studio.  Worked with the developers in the entire production process CelebrityMe and CelebrityMe VIP.

Assistant Work: Sherman Oaks, CA                                      November 2007-March 2008

  • Assisted film composer James L Venable in work on various film and television projects such as Superhero Movie! and Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel

Freelance Arranger/Copyist/Orchestrator: Various locations             June 2002-Present

  • Provide musical services including copying music into a music notation program for clarity, copied music by ear into a notation program, arranged and orchestrated music written by others, and prepared scores and parts in a music notation program
  • Prepared Jazz charts for David Parry (2009)
  • Arranged the march Commodore’s Theme for band and SATB by Alfred Verdi (2008)
  • Worked as a consultant and copyist for Stephen Barton while he wrote a violin and viola etude book.  Also have done transcriptions for him. (2005-2006)
  • Transcribed church songs by ear for the Gems of God in Rye, NH (2002-2004)

Instructor, Schoolcraft College, Livonia, MI                         August 2005-December 2005

  • Taught Music Appreciation (mus 105) and Pop Music and Culture (mus 149)

Guest Lecturer, University of St. Thomas,                St Paul, MN January 2005- May 2005

  • Visited the University of St Thomas and lectured on music theory and composition to undergraduate music majors.
  • Assisted a blind music student take his music theory exams by verifying the music in Braille music scores.

Instructor, University of Minnesota,  Minneapolis, MN            September 2004- May 2005

  • Taught Music Theory Fundamentals for non-majors (Mus 1001)
  • Assisting freshman and sophomore music majors in ear training tests